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About Thermex


Since 1997 Thermex has provided hundreds of homes and industries in KwaZulu-Natal with affordable under floor heating solutions.

Flexible and cost-effective, our products are designed to improve comfort levels over larger floor areas than conventional heating methods, whether it's in the floor screed, under tiles, under wood or under carpeting, in almost any configuration, room size or building design.

Warmer floors and less draughts mean you're more comfortable in your home and in the workplace.

We have had no hardware failures or installation errors over the years. As a result we continue to get referrals from our clients. All our technicians are trained to deal with and understand installation and handling requirements and have a thorough knowledge of all our products.

Thanks to optimal thermal positioning in the floor and precise temperature controls you'll use around 15% less energy than with a conventional heating system.

Contact us, you will be surprised at how cost-effective under floor heating really is!

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